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Wildcat Solar

Quality Solar Since 2012

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Wildcat Solar 
Integrity Through Transparency 


  • Customers have traditionally been charged according to the size of the system, not the electricity produced. 


  • We price your system at a competitive price, then determine which is better for you, one based on electrical production or size.

  • If the system produces less than a  specific threshold, the cost defaults to the lower of the two.  If higher, we keep it at the lower.  Either way, you the customer, win.


            LL 97 Has Arrived

  • And with it comes the challenge of meeting the ambitious CO2 reduction goals set by the City. 

  • New window casings, boiler upgrades and facade work are important but suffer from accountability.  How do you really know how much less energy you will consume?

  • Solar is unique, as you can see down to the kWh, how much electricity you make and, importantly, how much lower your penalty will be, or, if in fact you will owe one at all.

  • To determine your penalty, click the button below.

Once you have an idea of the penalty you are facing, or not, allow us the opportunity to explain:

  • how we determine the costs

  • how long it takes to re-pay 

  • and the associated revenue stream

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Based in Queens

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and we stand behind it.

  • 24/7 Monitoring 

  • 72 hour response time

  • Monthly Production Reports

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