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Our Story

I became infatuated with solar starting in 2007, although I am not sure entirely why.  Probably something to do with a solar toy car I assembled for my daughter.  After a bit a trial and error I set it lose on a school yard and realized that so long as the sun was shinning it would run forever, literally forever.


After closing a successful logistics company, I plunged head first into the world of solar.  After approximately 75 installation on Long Island and countless hours of caring 45 pound panels up 28' ladders in 95 degree heat and 10 degree cold, I shifted into solar work in the city, primarily commercial and flat roof residential.

In 2012, I incorporated Wildcat and entered the industry initially as a subcontractor handling small to medium commercial work.  In 2014, we began taking on our own projects and have been going strong ever since.

Thanks for stopping by,

Thurston Cecil

Owner - Wildcat Solar, LLC

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